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Response to Mataniko development

01 September 2015

Dear Editor – In response to Mahe Junior I wish to correct Junior Mahe’s assertion that seem to suggest that I should only develop my property (Mataniko) at a time he thinks appropriate and that my project should not go ahead until the Japanese funded road project is completed.

Firstly, to be frank, the property I am developing was not stolen from anyone, I bought it with my own money, and it will remain my property, protected by my private property rights.

Secondly, as the property owner, I decide what to do with my property and when to develop it, as I do not depend on your financial assistance or anyone’s for that matter.

To tell you the truth, my project will still go on even if there is no Japanese funded road project. By the way, if you have any property, you can develop it too.

In fact, my friend, you should worry about your own property first if you have one, rather than making noise about what other people are doing with theirs.

Thirdly, if you are genuinely concerned about the Mataniko River and the people who live downstream, you should be talking about those people who are building makeshift toilets along the riverbank, dumping rubbish, disposing raw sewerage such as human waste into the Mataniko River.

Finally, I am in the view that my project will not be in any way a hindrance to the Kukum Highway Road Project as you alleged.

I am a proud Solomon Islander, who only want to see positive development and as a proof, I am turning this piece of wasteland (a swampy environmentally fragile area) into a beautiful park, a site where all residence of Honiara City (including you) can enjoy an evening stroll or other leisure activities.

 Hon. HHB Dettke