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What’s up with the police?

01 September 2015

Dear Editor - Six weeks ago my car was stolen from underneath my house; we found it next day, abandoned and badly damaged. Everything inside the car was stolen.

We reported it to central police station. I supplied a statement plus quote from a workshop.

Central said they would send it to Naha police station, it never arrived there. It was conveniently lost.  

I wrote a second statement at Naha police and although they know who stole my car, nothing was done. There is never anybody at Naha CID, I got so frustrated that I tried on several occasions to contact the Police Commissioner.

Same as Naha, he is never there.

Several years ago we reported to the police, that someone was in the act of burying a live baby in our backyard. The baby died, it was in that hole all night.

The police came and looked at it and to my knowledge nothing was ever done.

It seems that murder and stealing a car are not criminal offences any longer to bother our police.

God help us how or heaven’s sake bring Frank Short back. With him at the helm this would have never happened.

Hans Peeters
Naha 1