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RSIPF is for the brave

01 September 2015

Dear Editor – On Sunday morning I received a call from Auki that four men were bashing up a lone man with a baseball bat in front of the Auki Police station.

To my surprise no police officer even tried to stop the fight let alone a woman who saw the fight from the road and rushed to stop it.

Now I wonder how these coward officers make it into the police force.

The force is not made for cowards but brave men and women who will even risk their lives to save others.

Please commissioner can you investigate these bunch of coward officers and deal with them accordingly.

I remember in the 1990s and back the officers are tough men of courage who can single-handedly deal with any situation.

I suppose the situation is not like that anymore as nowadays even a small situation will see the police response team called up.

Hope that those who will be going on the UN mission will not desert the UN team when any situation happens whether in Somalia, Golan Heights or in South Sudan.

Dustan Wale