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HRM Excellence Award

01 September 2015

Dear Editor – While it is such an excellent idea to award Public Service HRM for excellent performance, the criteria of this selection process still remain indistinct, which raises serious questions of the integrity of the award.

The “Excellence” terminology has a strong and significant meaning thus the recipients must deserve the award in the eyes of their immediate bosses, work colleagues, and their respective ministries.

Otherwise it is just another mockery process.

The measure of excellence performance of any employees must be determined and evaluated within each relevant Ministry or department whereby the proper PMP process is actually carried out.

Fundamentally, a performance measure of an individual should be assessed and determined within and not by the outsider who has no clue of the inside of the organisation unless it is a football match or the voice musical competition.

Because of these discrepancies, I would recommend that a more effective process would be to seek submissions from each Ministry’s management recommendations for your selected committee determination of who should deserve the Excellence Award. 

In other words, the process should be very similar to the current performance based appraisal system (PMP) which is done by each head of department through HRM department and PS to the Public Service Commission.

It is just a basic and simple process. It does not need a rocket scientist anyway.

John Diau