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‘Rural Development the key to moving forward’

27 June 2016

No government will make the connection to the majority of its people unless it can make a difference in the rural areas.

To make a difference in the rural areas, it requires not only a clear policy statement, but it requires a medium and long term strategic development plan and clear plan for implementation and monitoring.

Governments come and go but their message has always been the same although using different names such as Rural Development, Bottom Up Approach and so  forth.

They all pledge their allegiance to development in the rural areas where the majority of our people live and where most of our exploitable resources are found.

The Rural Development Program (RDP) provides us with an opportunity to make a difference in the rural areas.

Sometimes ago the World Bank’s additional funding support grant for the RDP to the tune of USD$3Million was indeed a welcomed news and one that should give heart to the entire nation.

It is this type of programs that we should support and continue to focus on.

The reason is simple enough to understand. It is targeting the most critical sector in the Solomon Islands.

The rural areas and any plan or programs or projects focusing on rural development should be supported by all.

This is where most of our people live and this is where most of the people who put MP’s up there live.

It is development which secures the involvement and support of our people in the rural areas. It is crucial that any development initiatives we undertake are those that will involve the continual participation of the majority of our people who live in the rural areas and who are the resources owners.

Whatever government is in power must ensure urban permanent dwellers DON’T BULLDOZE THEIR WAY IN because any development strategies that alienate them will definitely fail.