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True peace and Reconciliation

18 July 2016

It is scary reading the Leader of Independent Group claims and for now accusations against the Prime Minister. So what is next?

Digging a stinky dead animal out from its pit may be not a good idea. Nevertheless, on one hand it could heal the wounds and on the other hand only time will tell. However, a true peace and reconciliation must still go on.

Therefore, how do we do it? Well the people only need us leaders to say, “I am sorry for all the terrible things I have done in the past”.

It could be before, during and after the ethnic crisis.  If we are saying sorry because of things we were part of during the crisis then admit that you are sorry. If it is for things that we have done as leaders, harvesting from the farm we were given powers to look after but did terribly in terms of the trust rested on us then admit our failures.

 The people need to know that we are truly sorry for all the wrong we have committed as National Leaders in leading and managing their resources since 1978.

Peace and nation building cannot happen if we continue to relate the “Peace and Reconciliation” only to the 2000 – 2003 ethnic tension.

Well it is the main issue here, but what about the forever conflict we have been fighting ever since and has affected every sector and living creature in this nation since July 7th 1978?

Yes, we cannot run away from what we did during the tension because some people obviously are still suffering with back flashes and terrible images of the conflict. And those that were directly affected or victims might never come out from the horrors of the conflict. So where do we want to start from here?

Do we want a fresh start after the Independence or souping up the issues with imbalance taste and continue to suffer. Do we want to be the leaders who camouflage behind the blanket of others?

Letting others to say sorry and for us we will continue to do what we do best. No doubt that the ethnic tension has done so much horrible and terrible things in this country, but how do we handle it has one people, one nation wan Solomon Islands for tomorrow?

During the ethnic tension so much as happened from actual involvement of individuals in the conflict to political misbehaviour in governing the country.

So which sin is bigger than the other? Sin is sin. Well that is according to our GOOD LORD.

Which is the best approach to say I am sorry depends on how we want to be as a country in the near future.

Therefore, every national leader must now come forth and tell the nation if they are truly sorry so that we as a people may embrace the true peace and reconciliation for our nation’s building.


By Martin Otto


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