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Depleting fish stock

07 September 2017

IN reality feeding grounds for migratory fish have nothing to do with manmade names of states or countries, seas or oceans.

State boundaries aside, during the early 1980's Western Port Bay Victoria Australia lost 100 out of 150 sq km of seagrass, followed by mass starvation of fairy penguins.

The first UN SOMER world ocean report in the 1990,s found 50 percent of seagrass gone from the New South Wales coast alone.

The coast of both Victoria and NSW have shallow seagrass food web nursery habitat vital to SW Pacific Ocean biodiversity and therefore island people.

Fishery science has no idea how much seagrass area has been lost or how much is required to sustain world tuna?

Lack of length and density of seagrass obviously does not provide shelter for nursing tiny eggs and  larvae and enough juvenile fish for the food-web.

Starvation and death of already low populations of small fish dependent emaciated seabirds and whales is occurring worldwide.

There is no evidence where when and how aquaculture will secure adequate feed at a viable price to supply affordable fish for people in need.

Mariculture in open ocean may be viable and sustainable.

Evidence indicates need for urgent understanding and real solutions, including development of sanitation and sewage infrastructure that would generate millions of jobs in building, plumbing and electrical industries, while at the same time reducing the presently dangerous nutrient load.

Every house worldwide should have a toilet and shower and wash basin with plumbing to treat waste as best as possible, instead of entire cities dumping unmanaged waste nutrient out of sight in rivers and the only ocean of this planet.

Numerous rivers worldwide are known as open sewers.

Even washing soap contains elevated levels of nutrient.

Developed countries could reduce insinkerator use.

Recycled paper towel can wipe off uneaten food for landfill instead of putting it into sewers and the ocean.

Nutrient can be harnessed to grow algae to produce biofuel, stockfeed, fertilizer.

Biofuel has already been successfully tested in jet aircraft, vehicles and ships.

Impacted or interested government would do well to team together to seek interest free International Monetary Fund resources to productively develop sanitation and proper sewage treatment infrastructure, to reduce the anthropogenic nutrient overload that is the fundamental cause destroying ocean and fresh water quality, atmospheric and food ecosystems.

The world ocean environment is presently not being managed but should

Ocean produces over 50 percent of world oxygen.

Ocean dominates influence on weather.

IMF and International fiscal policy could be modified to provide economically stimulating ocean ecosystem managenent resources of benefit to existing economies of all nations.

All nations require and woukd surely welcome water care infrastructure that would stimulate their existing economy/s.

Nothing sensible is impossible.

At present nutrient pollution and fish depletion and cost of fish, plus resulting inflation,  plus ecosystems going rotten beyond repair,  is all increasing unchecked and virtually ignored.

Island hospitals and clinics and whole health systems are overloaded due to increasing incidence of non-communicable disease and early death that improper nutrition is known to cause.

Incidence of abcess and blood poisoning and organ disease and early death is increasing.

Even aquaculture established experts are concerned about worsening disease in water.

The Australian ABC Four Corners program - Big Fish Tasmania, shows concerned farmers  trying to prevent nutrient pollution from damaging coastal waters.

And Google: chile aquaculture nutrient environment.

Why sit back and do nothing?

Why allow the whole world ocean to become virtually emptied of wildlife like in Africa?

How many Solomon Islands people need to die due to malnutrition-improper nutrition linked NCD, before government departments will team together and agree to need for solutions?

Solomon Islands and PNG are situated in El Nino waters according to Sea Surface Temperature chart data.

It is the ocean that dominates control of atmosphere and weather on this planet.

Ocean generates over 50 percent of world oxygen.

It is inevitable the real state of the world ocean becomes known.

As for relevant scientific evidence, there is no data proving how gravity is formed, yet gravity exists. So does devastation the ocean also indicated by empirical evidence.

I have just been informed, two big canoes went from Ughele village to Noro today to buy net boat fish but there were none.

That's more than six hours traveling and over $1,000 wasted on fuel.

Western Province