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Reply to APID Media Desk

07 September 2017

PLEASE publish this article as my respond to APID Media Desk article: ‘APID reply to Sanders’, which appeared in your letters to the editor‘s column of Saturday 2 September, 2017.

I am not going to dwell on all that APID Media Desk said negatively about Sanders Tuhamano because like Tuhamano whom they accused; APID stories cannot be trusted either until an independent forum sits to hear and cross examine differing version of the same gospel story to determine who is telling the truth.

In my knowing of APID and her cronies’ attitudes however, history tells that they are excellent in making up stories that look good in the cover but research results from investigation and observation prove those to be nothing but hoax and fairy tales.

 Listed are a few questions APID Media Desk needs to answer if they think that my claim that APID and her cronies are very good in coaxing and swindling stories to their advantage.

1.    Where is the ship APID promised to service Renbel Province because since its arrival I have not seen it making any passenger or cargo trip to Renbel?

2.    Where is the five star hotel APID promised to build on Rennell that they proudly advertised in its self-designed ‘fan’ or igi?

3.    Where is the company like the one owned by those in Lihir in PNG that APID promised to establish for Rennellese?

4.    Where is the housing resettlement scheme that APID promised to build for Rennellese?

5.    Where is APID home in Rennell because since they start operating they live in Moreno Guest House, a private home that belongs to the Tepai family?

6.     Where are the international airport and seaport and tarseal road APID promised to build on Rennell?

7.    Where are the school and hospital APID promised to build on Rennell?

8.    Where are the scholarships APID promised to offer to students of Rennell Bellona to surpass what Sumitomo and Axiom mining companies did for Isabel and Choiseul?

In the last paragraph of your article APID Media Desk, you said these, “My appeal to Mr Sanders and other landowners who have the same kind of mentality is, to refrain from being allowing themselves to be brainwashed or listen to false advices from other people, companies or media statements which could lead to prejudices”.

Can you please provide examples of people who were brainwashed and listen to false advice provided by people like me?

I guess who provide informed advice to our people yet they were stubborn because of what APID promised.

Having said the above, I challenge you to provide concrete examples to substantiate your ridiculous and wild generalisation in your next post.

Now answer responsibly in your next post APID Media Desk these issues as evidence to prove that APID is not brainwashing and giving false advices to my fellow Rennellese:

  • The inclusion of land already registered in West Rennell in APID registration of West Rennell. Examples, the areas owned by Renbel Province, the Tigoa Airfield and the land registered by the Ngakea tribe that now World Link mined are part and parcels of Parcel No. 289-005-1 that was registered on the 19th June 2015.

  • Why APID entered logging without a felling license and cut down more than 20 thousand cubic metres from the area licensed to Mugaba Atoll Resources Company.

  • Why APID include Mugaba Timber Company (10th defendant); a company owned by Solomon Maui, APID Project Manager, in its court challenge in High Court Civil Case No.371 of 2015.

  • Why APID surrendered the logs she harvested inside Tekungagoto customary land that was licensed to Mugaba Atoll Resources Company to Mugaba Timber Company whose felling license number A101245 was already cancelled by the Commissioner of Forest.

  • Why APID include customary land that are still pending in the various level of the court in her tenement and registration of West Rennell. 

  • Why APID include my Niteni tribe customary land and my family land in her tenement without my consent as the chief and head of my tribe and family; and with my cases against rival groups and families in some of the lands we claim are yet to complete in the council of chiefs, local court, magistrate court and the high court.

  • Why APID entered and stay in areas along Naone road and Naone, Magamaitonga and Hanakaba areas against pending court cases

In my position about APID promises to build West Rennell, like the Father of Lies whose main business was to steal, kill and destroy, mark my word that if we are lucky not one of APID’s promised Rennellese will be fulfilled until the gardening areas of those they had misled to be dug for free finishes; or not until Jesus second coming as Christian believers anticipate happens APID will never fulfil any of her promises.

In fact I’m still pushing that those who involved in corrupting the registration of West Rennell serve their time behind bars at Rove for fraudulently trespassing, damaging and stealing from people’s lands, especially those of us that did not sign for APID to include our customary land in their registration of West Rennell, yet they did.

I have read the High Court civil case 403 of 2014 between West Rennell Landowners Association and APID.

The sad part of this case, the judge was not given the opportunity to hear the merit of the case because APID hired QC defeated the claimants lawyer on technical grounds like the authenticity of the association and the locus standi of those that represent each family and tribal group that joined hand to register the case; therefore, you should not bank on this particular case until my court case against APID (yet to come) inclusion of the lands in my court cases in her tenement is over.

APID Media Desk, I have much yet to discuss to prove that those of us who stood against APID’s perceived fraudulent registration of West Rennell have not brainwashed or provide false information to our people as you had portrayed.

Rather we are working to safeguard our people whom APID rode over their ignorance and poverty to register our land, reef and sea and destroy our food security and livelihood in corrupt ways.

Law student
USP SI Campus