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The Thinking Corner: How our cells work

02 June 2014

Thank you for choosing to read this week’s column. My name is Dr Brinsley Lane and I am a doctor of chiropractic.

Were you aware that the body has about seven hundred billion (700 000 000 000) cells?

Each of those cells communicates with all the others through the connections of the central nervous system.

Image the organisation that is required! Imagine how easily that organisation can be disrupted!

It’s hard to imagine that many cells isn’t it? To make it easier imagine Lawson Tama football ground filled with people.

Ten thousand players could stand on that ground shoulder to shoulder. Imagine each player represents one cell.

We would then need other players to stand on their shoulders. In fact we would need seventy million layers like that.

The top layer of players would be one hundred and nineteen kms above the ground.

It would take someone 347 weeks to climb to the top if they never stopped for a rest and if they jumped off from the top with a parachute they wouldn’t have to open the parachute for 6 weeks.

If each of these players was a cell in your body, each one would have to be able to story with all the others even though they are a long way apart from each other.

Each one would have to have a mobile phone and each phone would have to be turned on. The noise would be deafening!

Each cell in your body has to do this.

Each cell must know what all the others are doing and what they need so that they can communicate with each other to provide it.

All this communication travels along the nerves of the body and all this communication goes in and out of the brain in your head.

In order for a body to be healthy, each cell must receive information and each cell must receive its needs from other cells.

Imagine what would happen if this communication was interfered with or damaged! Cells would not know what to do and cells would not receive what they need to perform correctly.

The spinal cord that carried messages to and from the brain is positioned inside a tunnel that goes through all the 24 bones of the neck and back.

Nerves that are like wires, branch off form the spinal cord and come out between very small spaces between each of the back and neck bones called vertebrae.

If one or more of the bones are twisted out of normal position from a fall or accident, those nerves get pressed. When nerves get pressed, the messages are damaged and the body begins to fail and get sick.

Doctors of Chiropractic are trained to find these twisted vertebrae and press them or “adjust” them to remove the pressure and allow the messages to flow once again so that the body can heal better. Doctors of Chiropractic are the only doctors trained and qualified to do this.

When vertebrae are twisted and pressing nerves it usually causes no pain so a person doesn’t know they are in trouble until they are very sick.

Does it make sense to have your back and neck checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic then? Yes it does.

Got a question? Dr Lane has been in private practice for 19 years. He has 5 children and lives with his wife and 2 of his children in Honiara Solomon Islands. Dr Lane welcomes questions by email or phone.
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