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Tribute to late Dr John Roughan

29 October 2013

Dr John Roughan, School Board Member for the past 6 years passed away on 24th October, 2013.

Funeral mass was held yesterday at Holy Cross Cathedral, Honiara, Solomon Islands. This was followed by burial at Tanagai.

He was a man with a great insight into the lives of people. He worked constantly to bring out the best in the people of Solomon Islands.

Thank you dear John, for your support, encouragement and help rendered to Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson as School Board member for six years and Catholic Communications Solomons for over ten years.

Appreciate your kindness and guidance to me in a very special way.
May you hear the words, ‘Welcome into the joy of your master’. Rest in PEACE !
DBTI tugboat
Article of Dr John Roughan for BOSCONIAN 2013

Every young person needs a no nonsense tugboat. Tugboats are strong engine ships with great pulling power and great knowledge just where the deep, safe water lies.

Ship captains welcome tugboats' work. These powerful small ships lead larger ship safely away from the shore, out of the harbour, into deeper water. Tugboats know exactly where the reefs lie and other obstacles that can slow down or even sink unlucky ships. In fact, a good tugboat is a great help getting to the open sea so the ship can begin its journey on the ocean.

Schools act a bit like tugboats. Classroom teachers have much experience to share with students about the world of work. It knows what is needed in the big world to make things work well and, most importantly, prepares students before hand to fit in well with the outside world.

Sometimes it seems to some passengers on a big ship that the tugboat is pulling in the wrong direction. Or it's going too slow or that the big ship could do the same job much better, certainly quicker. But the tugboat rarely gives much weight to these opinions. After all, the tugboat has been in this teaching business for more years than any of the students have been alive.

"Sit back, relax and let the tugboat  do its job!" says the tugboat. When It insists that passengers be on time for class every day, listen well to teachers, etc. it knows what it's talking about. It is well aware that the Lord made us with two eyes, two ears but only one mouth. This means that seeing and listening are four times more important than talking.

Take your tugboat seriously. It knows where it's going, what to do and how to safely get you started in the big outside world,

By Don Bosco Technical Institute