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Demanding & compensation, a curse

13 January 2016

Those who demand and Receive Compensation bring upon themselves a curse.

Demanding and Receiving compensation is an Evil Crafty Scheme hatched by Satan himself, to undermine the power of and truth about forgiveness by the blood of Christ, which was shed for us on Calvary.

Heathens and unbelievers require the blood of animals such as pigs and goats to settle disputes and remedy inflicted crimes and offences. It is their way of making peace to mend wrongs. But such peace processes are mere social humanitarian acts that do not warrant Salvation.

Christians and Born Again Believers, on the other hand, do not entertain the same principles as heathens. Their method of forgiveness is based purely on scripture and on the Word of God. To substitute the blood of Christ as our absolute and eternal measure of forgiveness with the dollar sign, Tafuliae or the blood of pigs amounts to sacrilege in the highest degree and an outrageous denial of the blood of Jesus as the only means by which God forgives man’s sin. Any deviation to opt for any other alternative as that of demanding compensation as a means to settle wrongs by professing Christians is heretic and nullifies God’s salvation as offered through the blood of his son, the very purpose of Jesus death on Calvary.

God does not grade sin, as by his Holy Character sin is sin. “The thought of foolishness,” for example, by God’s standard is sin, and is as deadly as disobedience or murder.

But if God was to grade sin (and God forbids) by severity, Demanding and Receiving compensation, evokes wickedness unimaginable and irks God profoundly.

There are very serious ungodly facets that comprise Demanding and Receiving compensation. First, it is considered, practised and accepted by many as a pre-cursor to forgiveness; that is, “no compensation, no forgiveness.” In other words, forgiveness is conditional on payment of compensation. If compensation is not paid by the wrongdoer or the perpetrator, the victim does not forgive. This twisted phenomenon is totally unscriptural and defies God’s principle of forgiveness.

The second to the last word uttered by Jesus on the Cross was, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do,” Luke 23:34. In Romans 5:8, Apostle Paul writes, “But God demonstrates His love toward us, in that while we were STILL sinners, Christ died for us”. Romans 12:17, Paul writes, “Repay no one evil for evil.” Scriptural admonitions and warnings that pertain to this matter are inexhaustible. The scriptural talking point on this issue is, while we are still in our sin, both by principle and by conduct, Christ died for us and by His death and resurrection God forgave us. Christians must do the same, not otherwise. In brief, God reached out to us, in Christ, to forgive us while we were still in our sin.

When a Christian seeks an alternative remedy to the blood of Christ, such as opting for the Solomon dollar or shell money, in order to forgive, such as attitude and act, defiantly sets aside God’s offer of forgiveness as null and void. This is a grave deviation from the truth.” This is apostasy, and a nullification of true and eternal forgiveness as offered by Christ on the Cross for us all and for those who would believe and accept that forgiveness. Christians have received pardon (forgiveness) FREELY and we must render forgiveness to all who hurt and harm us freely. Forgiveness by the blood of Christ brings true reconciliation, peace freedom and blessing.

Demanding compensation brings a curse upon the recipient(s). This applies to the Christian Community. The reason being that Christians substitute the blood of Christ, as their absolute basis of forgiveness with money and animals. It is heretic and sacrilegious. When we demand compensation, as Christians, WE TRAMPLE ON THE BLOOD OF JESUS. Think about it.

How terrible and horrendous is that? We bring upon ourselves a curse that puts us in bondage in untold ways. Whatever we do in life fails. Our children fail in life. They fail at school. They resort to mediocrity. The angel of death pursues us because we defy the life giving blood of the Lamb of God – our only sacrifice and eternal redemption.  

I was at Sughu, on the weather coast, some years ago on a Reconciliation Mission with our people there. The Leaders and Elders of the community made a profound statement that, “we do not accept any peace with the two dollar sign or with the blood of pigs, we only accept peace through the blood of Jesus.” That is the everlasting truth. 

Another resounding example was that of my two cousin sisters. We had an issue with some of our kids at home. My own little brother (a giant – a Ramo) asked for compensation. My two sisters recalled that their eldest brother (deceased) was a habitual demander for compensation. That man died a beggar. None of his children attained any education. How many of us have fallen prey to this evil?

I am of the view that thousands of families and communities are under bondage because of the sin of compensation committed by the present generation and their forebears. I also believe that Malaita, being the most populous Island whose people are the most adventurous, having some of the most highly educated personnel as anywhere else on the planet, may be under a curse, for the simple fact that we are at the forefront of compensation seekers. In many instances we take pride in asking compensation not realising that we bring upon ourselves and our love ones one of the most hideous curses in creation.

It is my humble prayer that as we enter the threshold of 2016, we as a people and nation seek God to forgive us and heal our nation from the Curse and scourge of Demanding and Receiving compensation. We must repent and refrain from asking and demanding compensation.

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Happy prosperous New Year 2016.