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Change on the horizon

19 January 2016

In the former but recent days when our country went through the height of the recent ethic crisis, our treasury was placed and plunged under a great and strenuous demand and notice by the barrel of the guns and war lords, but today it is even severe, the dynamics is vested in and with the shadowy policy instigation, and cabinet endorsed imposition in the name of the ruling Executive Government of the day to keep the political equilibrium intact on most occasion at our expense.

It is notable that the recent legislated Integrity Act of Parliament hasn’t provide the real solution to political stability within  a structured democratic framework like us, because the major problem with the promotion of Solomon Islands democracy is that there is no generally accepted theory of democratisation to guide the process and conduct of parliamentarians. We therefore still need to find a panacea to cover for the loop holes in the Act. This is simply because the heart of any nation is in the values and characters they are postulating extruded externally as a result of the deep functional processing, computation, searching, internal reasoning and discreetness of man/women, boy/girls, our vast institutions or citizens to be able to translate these values into practical human existential, and usage and down to earth realm where everyone can feast on and not just the few privileged ones by convenience, by proxy and wantokism.

Therefore today we see, bureaucrats, technocrats, cronies/acquaintances, Cabinet Ministers through sinister and concealed payout arrangement under the code name of “exacerbated and exaggerated projects” in thousands and Millions (hard evidence) is telling us that soon the Kings will be deposed and will eat like the beasts in the field (parable and prophetic unfolding).

Our annual budgetary system is declining at a shoddier pace. One of the loophole and ambiguity within the budgetary system, is that, the government ministries have annual work programs under the banner of projects or programs instead of demarcated targeted population segmentation or constituents and community which is more focused and do have an tangible end results and application, which we can appraised. The adversity is that our system gives the Directors, US/PS of government ministry department and division a lot of discretional power to manipulate. This is so because the implementation and Execution of the budget lines will be purely subjective based on the interpretation and compelling aspiration of the appropriate officer under the good name of program/project and sub-head given, which in a lot of time is full of manipulation and personal shopping list. In essence, we have merely played by the court yard of personal aspiration and have not translated anything at all in terms of productive output. The sinister went uphill and even more extravagant and to no man’s land when the Executive Government came up with the astrological idea (silly ruddy booty) to redirect all government ministry and targeted budget meant for people to be readdressed undercover in the name of constituency development (no hard evidence). We are merely progressing from loophole to bottomless pit financial economy and a controversy that still need to be challenged in our judicial system which is still intact, my guess???

In the private sector regime, we still drag the line of the same traditional products pre-independence with the like of tuna, oil palm, coconut, cocoa, logs etc. This implies we have not succeeded in all these years (plus, plus) because we do not know how to manage change and the productive structure of the economy, and have not been able to produce and export a more diversified and sophisticated product basket. We need a deep process of structural transformation that triggers rapid growth. The mere rhetoric’s made by government official on the government economic policies of growth, are just sheer vocalization that reverberate and filled the airway/space that is purely garbage to say the least. We have failed all these years because we have not able to engineer this process. We get stuck in the production and export of a relatively narrow range of goods that are often unsophisticated example logs, which we can obtain and should add multiple values to the global and local market which still has a lot of buying power base, once we lower the single item price and classy work force at all disciplines to amplify the image we so desire in a global standard quality assurance and expectations. I am postulating that the main determinants of this country a comparative advantage, and therefore its trade pattern, are the relative factor endowment. I am certain and optimistic we can grow by way of accumulating physical or human capital or by Improving the way various factors of production are mixed (total factor productivity).

Our country’s position and standing within the product and productive space, therefore, signals its capacity to expand to a more sophisticated product, thereby laying the groundwork for future growth. Solomon Islands must deeply consider exporting products that have broader linkages with more product output.  If we don’t have sufficient capabilities to jump and boost other products we will and cannot be able to generate sustained long-term growth.

Our growth and economic environment is in hostage in the hand of the strong man, and functions that can pull the weighty strings within the government cabinet and caucus, a compounded composition for disaster. Just listen out for the next government announcement because you can prognostically tell where it comes from and where it is going and its hideous agenda. Who is silly now a day???

The adversity, downside and evidence are everywhere, indeed a depraved one filled with exploitation. This is true because no one can hide hard tangible evidence (land, houses, ships, vehicles, bought by MP); it is seen and paraded everywhere. It doesn’t add up when the salary scheme is obviously low and streams of income are tunnelled. You cannot be wrong in your assumption. Partnership and shareholding is too attractive to deny and evade. This is a new phenomenon in the inner cycles of the black coated one, with ambiguous smile and tainted hilux with “G” plate vehicle. The simple question is why Hilux and not just a car (like Australia/NZ) including all PS/US/Directors, except for program areas.

In essence, the latter is exceedingly worse than the former. The appetite for self indulgiveness,  greed and quick ascendency to the podium of  self-actualization/millionaire without perspiration will swell and hunger for more (bread with no cost), because once a shark smell blood in the water it will certainly circumvent itself in an elliptical twist and turn around for a another bit/feast. Stolen water is sweet, and therefore does has an addictive compelling demand for more and endless reckless living, but watch for its reciprocal implication. What will happen next? Watch? Change in coming soon for the better.

Nothing goes un-noticed in the realm of good conscious, especially when the cry of the ordinary citizens culminates in a harmonious and clarion call for change; a change that will even shake the most formidable and sophisticated army to tremble and

Kings goes sleepless in the bosom of their man made human beds and house of clay that cannot tranquil and sustain their unrest. How can it be???

The law of attraction and reciprocation is a massive principle and a undeniably perpetual truth for all generation. You attract your own kind/species. If you steal/dishonest, hook and crook be it in the lower bracket, or high esteem places of governance, your children (DNA- will pursue you) and children’s children will further advance this calamity through generational impartation, transference and it will culminate to an emphatic height where everyone will behold with superimposed penalty they will pay for your initial stupidity. Our steep downhill motion is partly because of the impact we still bear to date because of the decision of those already in the grave, decomposing away, who acted in self-interest and not incorporate manner (not blaming any). See, even the mightiest drug lords of the world were succumbed to justice. The voice of justice is the most powerful expression on planet earth, even to give the animal kingdom a judicial rights and haven to coexist with humanity in an eco-friendly environment. The contrary is true. Hard work through labour of love geminates the seed of genuine investors locally. This is where real conception of substantive growth for the country begins. My stout and absolute congratulation.

The reality that happens and begins in Vanuatu with hosts of parliamentarian being booked to spend time, human correctional period in prison to experience real life in adversity (class room of hard change) because of their fat uncontrolled discipline appetite, this is merely a visitation of emanate change that will smear its presence and breeze of inevitable and permanent alteration in all Pacific Islands states landscape and deep political terrain for the better.

The alteration is taking its form, shape and good gesture. The hand writing on the wall is sure and definite and elongates itself to rule the ethos of this beautiful land. The legacy of this country will fast pace towards the much needed change all laboured and prayed for, because it is stored up somewhere, ready to be summoned for activation . The hour begins NOW.

Solomon Islands will be next. WATCH and SEE. Change is looming in the horizon and no man will stop it, evade it, even the best soothsayers, so called advisors that government employed (money driven).  All eyes are on you and no mountain and cleft of the rock will cover you and all your compatriots. Corruption has a destination, to be exposed and to fall apart.

It is a blessed thing when the kings (bureaucrats, technocrats, Executive Government) know how to feast in the right time (accurate and seasonal thing to do) and not to get drunk in the morning (unstructured governance, policy execution).   There will be a government that knows how to call for a feast at the right time with proven evidence of CHANGE and GROWTH.

Change is looming in the horizon.

Geoffrey Alacky
Team Leader
Global Youth Leadership Nexus.