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Dear Editor – I write to support sentiments expressed by Ishmael A. Nori in your letters column on 19 May 2016.

Doing and getting

Dear Editor – The several expressions, which, lead to the topic I would like to share with the readers:

Fa’arodo takes arm band

Henry Fa’arodo Junior has been appointed as the team captain for the national men’s football squad for the OCF Nations Cup competition.

Avaiki and Matangiki combined team PAC 7s champ

A combined team of rugby champions, Avaiki and Matangiki participated in the

No TSL players for Solomon Cup

The upcoming Solomon Cup competition will not feature players who featured for the 2015 and 2016 Telekom S-league.

HammerHeads successfully host PAC 7s

The 2016 PAC Sevens Rugby Tournament successfully took place at DC Park Rugby Field over the weekend.

SUVA, (FIJI TV) - Athletes taking part in this week’s Oceania Weightlifting Championship will be selected for anti-doping tests during the competition.

School netball kicks off today

The Honiara Netball Association (HNA) School League will kick off today at the Multipurpose Hall outdoor court.

Undersea cable project gets green light

Minister for Communication and Aviation (MCA) Peter Shanel revealed in parliament, Monday that the short fall of US$10 million to fund the submarine cables now stands at US$5 million after some donors willing to fund the other half of the outstanding cost.

Ministers to review Pacific Regional Cultural Strategy in Guam

Hagatna, Guam – A mid-term review of the Pacific’s 10-year regional cultural strategy is high on the agenda as representatives from over 25 countries and territories gather for the 27th Council of Pacific Arts and Culture meeting in Hagatna, Guam, today.