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Axiom to ship first nickel ore

Nickel developer Axiom Mining Limited expects to export its first shipment of nickel ore from its Isabel nickel project within the first quarter of this year.

He’ll be back

Schmelling to rejoin Kurukuru

Squad eye more friendlies

The national men’s football team are expecting a few more international friendly matches as part of their preparation for the upcoming Nation’s Cup in Papua New Guinea in May this year.

Wrong way to handle money

Dear Editor – To begin, after receiving my change from a fifty dollars ($50) note, I made a count to ensure receiving the rightful amount.

Burning of waste oil by Markwarth

Dear Editor – I want to bring to the attention of Ministry of Environment, as a responsible authority, about the continuous burning of waste oils at Markwarth Depot at Lunga sea front.

Proactive policing

Dear Editor – I congratulate the RSIPF one again teaching music to young people as part of a pro-active community policing initiative.

PM urged to occupy Red House?

Dear Editor – How can the Prime Minister (PM) move out of his private residence and into the Red House, when his DCC government is paying him good rent for staying in his own residence?

Home for Kurukuru

Dear Editor – A home speaks of protection, rest, identity, and future.

World Link tenement clarified

TENEMENT area currently being mined by World Link Resources on Rennell is a provincial land leased out on suspicious dealings.

Axiom appoints new chairman

AUSTRALIAN firm Axiom Mining has appointed experienced legal adviser to mining and exploration companies Robert Barraket as non-executive chairman.