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Urgent need to police the common border

The need for police and immigration presence at our common border with neighbours Papua New Guinea is urgent than even.

Culture a unique tourism product, says minister

The Minister for Culture and Tourism Bartholomew Parapolo says the country’s diverse and unique cultures are an important product as a tourist attraction that must be harnessed in the country’s development agenda.

Mother with a big heart

This could be the biggest mothers’ day gift ever for any mother in the country.

Tennis star graduates

One of Solomon Islands’ tennis stars who is based in USA, Zinnia Leamana, has graduated with a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Minor Supply Chain Management at Clayton State University in the state of Georgia.

Micah to ply trade in Europe

FUTSAL sensational striker Micah Lea’alafa is tipped to ply his trade in Europe.

Yandina women Under 16 league underway

YANDINA women Under 16 League in Russell Islands, Central Province has kicked off.

Information needed on the cocoa industry

Dear Editor – At a time when the DCC Government is seeking to encourage foreign investors to the country and broad based development plans are in the pipe line, I find adequate news on the local cocoa industry missing.

Feratelia against Rev. Maefonea

Dear Editor- I read with dismay and bewilderment an article by Pastor Francis Feratelia, published in your paper dated 11th May, 2015.

MPs and ‘02’

Dear Editor – I totally agree with your headline on the above subject, Solomon Islands as a Christian country, to have top leaders with such practice is a curse to the nation.

Alcohol advertising

Dear Editor – It is too often that while reading your paper my heart sinks to find it full of advertising for alcohol.  I was especially alarmed and disappointed to read this paper on 11 May 2015, in which there were three full length colour pages of advertising for Solbrew.