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PNG businesses urged to invest in Indonesia

PNG LOOP - Indonesian President Joko Widodo has invited business communities in PNG to invest in Indonesia and participate in its economic growth.

Taiwan fishing firm delivers first load of tuna harvest in PNG

POST COURIER - A large foreign fishing company has delivered to the shores of Papua New Guinea its first load of certified skipjack tuna, harvested from the Pacific Island Nation (PNA) waters.

Koti ordained to priesthood at Sughu

SUGHU village in Wanderer Bay, Guadalcanal has been the centre of attention during the weekend for people of the Weathercoast area.

Correction – I resigned from FSII

Dear Editor - This letter serves to clarify a misunderstanding to an article captioned “Judas of Papua reportedly here” by Charley Piringi of Solomon Star newspaper published yesterday, Sunday 10th May 2015.

SI is a ‘functional society’, is it?

In a nation state, a ‘Functional Society’ has to build symmetrical relationships of cooperation between ‘change agents’. In this regard, in every aspect different organs in the society are equal players, and so the need to break with the relationships of subordination.

Virgin coconut oil

Dear Editor - According to the International Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) there is a growing demand for virgin coconut oil on world markets, especially if used as a nutritional food supplement.

Fresh idea to aid rural incomes

Dear Editor - Most of Solomon Island’s rural population dependent on subsistence farming for a living and it has been encouraging to know in recent weeks how the people of Dai Island in Malaita have been taught how to grow their own vegetables and root crops using organic farming methods by the Kastom Gaden Association (KGA).

Solomon Breweries launches new look SolBrew bottles and cans

This week sees Solomon Breweries embark on a new journey with their much loved, premium, locally brewed beer, SolBrew Lager.

A day of sport and fun for Honiara mothers

Green Beret Netball team were crowned the Paoa FM Super 8 Knockout competition champions at SMI ground last Saturday.

New church building dedicated on Sigana

A new church building was consecrated and dedicated to the names of Saints Philip and James at Sigana Island, Riusapa District on the 30th April 2015 by Rt. Rev- Richard Naramana, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Isabel.