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  • 17
  • Jun

I am writing this article from the provincial capital of the Western Province, Gizo.

  • 11
  • Jun

LAST week, we discussed about fear of devaluation of Fiji dollar. This week our focus is on the fear of appreciation of Papua New Guinea (PNG)’s currency, the kina.
Under a fixed exchange rate regime, the Fiji dollar can be up-valued or devalued only by central bank. 

  • 09
  • Jun

Corruption can be eradicated and reduced in the country if all citizens seriously take up the responsibility to phase it out.

  • 02
  • Jun

Thank you for choosing to read this week’s column. My name is Dr Brinsley Lane and I am a doctor of chiropractic.

  • 30
  • May

ALL of us – the phone users – have one complaint or another against Our Telekom, the telecommunication carrier that largely controls the multi-million dollar a year market in Solomon Islands.

  • 27
  • May

Last week’s visit to Fiji by Australia’s foreign minister, Ms. Bishop has raised hopes of return to normalcy in bilateral relations between the two countries.

  • 21
  • May

On Friday 16 May I had the privilege of attending the final program of a training workshop, facilitated by the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace. The workshop’s aim was to create a culture of just peace in East, Central and West Honiara Constituencies.

  • 20
  • May

The most important of all our perceptions is the way we perceive ourselves. There is a story in American Indian folklore that illustrates this truth very clearly. According to the legend, an Indian brave came upon an eagle’s egg which had somehow fallen unbroken from an eagle’s nest.

  • 19
  • May

For the past four decades, Pacific island countries (PICs) are well known for their aid dependency syndrome, a continuing malaise ever since their independence in the 1970s.

  • 18
  • May

Your attitude determines your altitude of success, because your attitude influences your consistency, your commitment, and your work ethic. 

  • 15
  • May

One of my favourite things to do in Honiara is to wander through the central market on a Saturday morning.  It’s the heartbeat of the city, full of colour, noise and movement, and a demonstration of the enterprise of Solomon Islanders.