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Plight of disabled patients

Dear Editor – The recent report in your newspaper that two diabetic patients who were reportedly told to "discharge" from the National Referral Hospital and were not fed for at least nine days, if true, is shocking.

Businessman guilty on assault charge

Dear Editor – I refer to the above.

Bauxite export underway

Bintan pays gov’t $1.2m in export duty

[email protected] interns graduate

Over 160 “exceptional” interns graduated from the [email protected] program yesterday.

Medics request

Match officials of the High school rugby 15s calls for the presence of a doctor during each games of the High school rugby 15s for safety reasons.

Chance for international recognition

Solomon Islands swimmers to the Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea will have the opportunity to compete in international swimming competitions if they perform to the top standard.

SUVA, (FIJI TV) - The Pacific Games swimming competition will receive international recognition this year.

FM 100 is non-exclusive radio broadcaster for the Games

They will be calling the Games live on their radio net- works throughout the two weeks of competition and will also be providing their audiences with updates leading up to the Games.

Bilum bags to go with medals

POST COURIER - Athletics Fiji in the 2015 Pacific Games will be presented with a Papua New Guinean bilum bag to go with their medals instead of the traditional bouquets at the medal ceremonies.

Airport refurbishment on target for Pacific Games

THE NATIONAL - The  Jackson International Airport terminal will be ready for international events including the Pacific Games in July, an official says.