MALAITA for Democracy and Development (M4DD) President Knoxly Atu says the Sogavare led DCGA government has been treating Malaita Province unfairly since coming into power in 2019.

Mr Atu said the unfair treatment towards Malaita could ignite more divisions in the country rather than the togetherness that the government is preaching about.

Speaking to Solomon Star in an exclusive interview over the weekend M4DD President said the series of attacks aimed at Malaita is obvious.

“Even a blind man can sense it without seeing,” Mr Atu said.

The M4DD President lists the following as DCGA attacks against Malaita during its term in power:

       Death of 27 Malaitans on MV.Taimareho due to repatriation authorised by the government when the country has no COVID-19 cases.

       Confiscating of PPE Taiwan sent to Malaita to support its preparation for COVID-19 which was later released after Malaita had taken the matter to court. 

       Government’s lack of medical support to Premier Daniel Suidani when it still supports MPs to access medical support in Australia. 

       Removal of Fredrick Fa’abasua from office, one of the best Provincial Secretaries the province ever had to weaken the MARA government.

        Backing two failed motions of no confidence against the MARA government front man Premier Suidani.

       Authorised PRT to carry out an attack at Bethel community with the use of ammunition.

       Using Malaita MPs within the DCGA to work against the Malaita Provincial Government (MPG).

The M4DD President said such attitude from the DCGA ruling regime does not speak well of Solomon Islands as a country.

“By the look of things, it seems that the DCGA government hates Malaita to the core which is no longer a secret for Malaitans,” Mr Atu said. 

The M4DD President then questioned Malaita MPs within the DCGA government if they really represented their province in the light of all this mess.

“Continued pressure and hatred from the DCGA government towards Malaita could further push Malaita for self-determination in the future to look after its own affairs and finally live in peace.

“No other provinces in the country apart from Malaita have been at the receiving end of attacks from the DCGA government,” Mr Atu said.