Check the shopkeepers

Dear Editor – I see several Asian farmers were sent home because they were working for a different company and PNG is clamping down store keepers. How about SIG checking the papers of all our storekeepers? Might be a good fee collection or clean out for several SIG Miniseries. J.R. WilliamsHoniara

$3M to ex-combatants

Dear Editor – If I were to be a judge on the arguments between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Independent Group in Parliament over the $3million given out to the ex-combatants by the National Government, I would conclude it this way: The Prime Minister & his Government paid out the $3million with…

Unable to read

Dear Editor – It would appear that a lot of Solomon Island drivers cannot read. I see vehicles parked between “Police no parking” signs at the fishing village market. If Kukum Police does not have vehicles they may care to walk down to the fishing village on occasions to control the traffic. J.R WilliamsHoniara

Ports security

Dear Editor – As a former security guard at the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA), I want to highlight a few issues for the chief executive officer Colin Yow to take note of. I was recruited by Nick Maena, who was regarded as the security manager, looking specifically after the port’s domestic area. One thing…

New SIPA chairman

Dear Editor – I write to personally congratulate the SIPA new board chairman, former attorney general Mr Billy Titiulu for getting the job. A lawyer by profession is he, so no seke seke. At last, the responsible and accountable ministers had seen it fit to put the right man for the job on the job…